Antenatal Care

Pregnancy is a very special time for a woman and a family. It is not just about the birth of a baby: it is about the birth of a new mother and a new family. Traditionally, antenatal care is there to monitor the physical well-being of you and your baby, but my care encompasses far more than that.

I will also be caring for your emotional and mental well-being and helping you to prepare for the birth of your baby in a healthy way. In the course of our visits I can get to know you, your wishes and concerns about your pregnancy and birth. We can build a trusting relationship. This service will give you continuity of care AND carer.

My philosophy is that ALL women should be entitled to midwifery care, regardless of a perceived “risk”. You can choose antenatal care tailored to your needs, alongside or instead of the care you get from the NHS. If you need medical or obstetric input, I will refer you for appropriate care and advice.

Antenatal care usually includes visits in the comfort of your own home or another suitable location – monthly till 28 weeks, fortnightly till 36 weeks and then weekly till the birth.
You have plenty of time to ask any questions you want.

My aim is to support you through a peaceful pregnancy, referring you for further care if need be.

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