Yoga For Sleep Recovery

Yoga For Sleep Recovery has been devised by Lisa Sanfillipo whose teacher training course I attended in November 2019. It is suitable for people who have never practiced yoga before, as well as those who have.

This course enables you to get a progressive build up of knowledge and tools which may help you with sleep disturbances.
We are not machines who have an on and off switch! There are many reasons why someone may have difficulties with sleep and we will explore the most common patterns of sleep disturbance, identify the sleep saboteurs and help to build habits to aid sleep.
The techniques you will learn will address physical, emotional and mental reasons which may be affecting your ability to have a restful sleep.

Despite practicing yoga for 12 years and teaching for 5 years, there were still aspects of my poor sleep I had not addressed or been able to manage. Nearly 4 decades of night duty or being on call had affected my ability to get restful sleep. Since discovering Lisa’s work in May 2019, I have been able to utilise her teachings to help myself. Lisa has written two books:
Yoga Therapy for Insomnia and Sleep Recovery (Singing Dragon 2019) which is more geared for teachers and instructors and
Sleep Recovery (Bloomsbury 2020) which was published in January and geared for the general public.

I successfully ran a 6 week course at beginning of 2020 and had planned to run another one from April 2020. I am now adapting the course to be delivered online via Zoom. The course is suitable for 1-2-1 teaching or for a group of no more than 8. Please contact me for details if you are interested.

Cost will be £50 per person for group course or £50 per week for 1-2-1 tuition. However I do not want cost to be a barrier, so if there are affordability issues, please contact me to discuss. The Zoom courses will be 5 weeks.

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